The Twilight Saga Complete Collection

The Twilight Saga Complete Collection - Stephenie Meyer I've added the Twilight Saga Box Set on Goodreads for sorting and bookshelf purposes, since I've already reviewed and rated all 4 (5) books separately. Those reviews do however need to be updated and I am planing to do so, but I figured I'd write a new short review for the box set.

I am, and have always been a fan of the Twilight Saga; specifically the books. I think the only reason I was able to enjoy the movies was A) because I've read the books and know there's much more than the lame one-line dialogue they chuck out in the films and B) Robert Pattinson. *Sigh*. I will admit to having watched the first Twilight film before I ventured into the books and thought it was awful and overrated. Then a coworker started reading the books and kept gushing about how MUCH BETTER the books were than the films. Eventually I caved and started reading them. Within the first chapters, I was hooked and I have now read this series 4 times. I love this series. Not because it's a revolutionary piece of YA fiction and not because it is perfect. I have plenty of other reasons as to why I enjoyed this series and here they are.

- I love the idea of living in a world where Vampires & Werewolves exist. And the concept that vampires would not be all bad, but some would try to uphold some normalcy to their existence by striving to 'not be' monsters.

-I freaking love Edward. I do. I know tons of people see him as obsessive and possessive, but for one thing Stephenie Meyer establishes this as being a 'vampire' trait that exists amongst all vampires: they need to mate for life, it's in their nature. And since the whole world has seemingly become infatuated with THE KING of all obsessive and controlling men in MR. Grey, I hardly see what the issue with Edward ever was. He would have let Bella go had she chosen differently, but admittedly he would have loved her always regardless. Plus, I mean: Robert Pattinson! *Sigh*. I love the danger that comes with Edward and I love the fact that he's from a different time. It makes him so mysterious, the way he speaks plus the huge secret he's keeping. He's by far the more swoon-worthy male lead I've ever read about. Especially when you add Midnight Sun to the mix an really get a sense of understanding as to what his character was really experiencing an thinking when her first meets Bella.

-I really like Bella (in the books). I find her extremely relatable, being that I was an awkward, clumsy, low self-esteem brunette myself in high school. I also disagree with many people who see her as setting the feminist movement back. Again, I'll bring up Midnight Sun where we clearly see that Edward feels the exact same way about Bella. So how can it be anti-feminist if both parties feel the same way? Is Edward anti-masculinist? I've always seen The Twilight Saga as a sort of modern day Romeo & Juliet; with vampires and werewolves. Edward & Bella were an unstoppable force, it was inevitable that their love would change both of them. Edward sacrificed a great deal to keep her alive and safe. And I don't see Bella's choices as being much of a sacrifice.I remember the first time I read Twilight and within the first half of the book I already felt she was meant to be a vampire. I mean she lived in the desert and she was ice-pale!? Hello?! I just felt she didn't really fit in to her life, until she fell in with the vampires.

- Jacob is the perfect BFF/member of the family. And to me, in the books there was never any question that it was to be more than that. He was a distraction and he became Bella's best friend, though they loved each other, it was never going to be anything more than that. The movies of course, amped up the love triangle bit way to much for me in an attempt to make Jacob more of an option...but seriously those who read the book knew how it was going to go. Jacob is nice and everything, but he's no Edward. (Oh and Taylor Lautner is NO Robert Pattinson either!) :)

So that's my mini-rant 'In Defense of Twilight' or rather, 'In my defense for loving Twilight'. I don't know, I just love the mild danger, the romance and the whole story arc. I hope not everyone will be turned off by the Twilight-Backlash and will check it out for themselves.