Queste (Septimus Heap, Book 4)

Queste (Septimus Heap, Book 4) - Angie Sage
3.5 stars

Queste is the fourth book of Septimus Heap's story. After having a hard time getting into book 3, I was relieved to find that I could not put Queste down from start to finish. The characters are really starting to evolve and the depth of the characters, which I had felt was somewhat lacking in the previous books, is really starting to come through now in book four. *Mild Spoiler* In this adventure, Septimus, Jenna & Beetle are off on a mission to save Nicko & Snorrie, who were left behind when they all traveled back in time in book 3. Septimus and company have to journey to the lands where all times to meet in a desperate attempt to be reunited with their friends. Maybe it was because the adventure revolved chiefly around only 3 characters this time, but I found we get to know Septimus et al. on a much deeper level than before. I hope people who start the series hang in there, because even though the characters lack a bit of depth in the earlier books this one kinda makes up for it! As usual there are twists and turns along the way, even an unexpected quest is thrown into the mix. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of reading this book, and look forward to starting book 5, Syren.

*Forgive my small rant below, I've touched on the topic a bit in my Spetimus Heap #1 review, but the topic seems just as fresh as it was with book 1 and I feel is still relevant to my review.*

As far as the people out there who are comparing this series to the Harry Potter series, I feel that comparing ANY series to the Harry Potter series is unfair. That sets the bar impossibly high, as Harry Potter will, in my opinion pretty much be a once in a lifetime epic tale. Yes both Harry and Septimus are boy wizards with green eyes and yes both didnt know they were wizards until they were 11 years old....but thats where the similarities end. The kind of magic used in the Septimus Heap books is vastly different then the Harry Potter Universe magic and none of the plot lines are even remotely similar.


I recommend this series to any fans of magical fiction adventures, even though the character depth is still a bit lacking, these are fun, likeable characters, the adventures are unique and the they make for a fun and entertaining ride!