The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive)

The Way of Kings - Brandon Sanderson The Way of Kings is a gorgeously imagined, truly epic high-fantasy story unlike any other I have ever read before. The sheer scope of the plot, characters and mythology introduced in the beast of a book - my paperback edition tips the scale at 1258 pages (which makes it the longest book I have ever read!) - are put together in a way that only Brandon Sanderson could achieve. I was mesmerized from the first chapters by this new world, truly unique magical system and engaging, complex characters and believe me when I tell you that my feelings for this book only amplified as I made my way through it's (many) pages...

In case it wasn't already clear: this review is going to be filled with gushing. I will try my best to reign it in though, I promise. So, as much as I adored it, I can see it scaring off some people; and not just because of it's size. The Way of Kings features an elaborate world, brought to life in great detail. There's war strategy, a complex and exciting magical system, unique currency, tons of different races and cultures...not to mention the ominous hints of a terrible past long forgotten. It's not a light or quick read, but it's probably one of the most all-consuming reads I've stories I've ever read. It never, ever felt slow, there are no info-dumps or lulls in the story. The details came perfectly spread out, there was always enough plot or character development to keep the pace going. To be honest reading this really flew by because the story was perfectly orchestrated from start to finish.

Told in alternating POV's, The Way of Kings focuses on four main characters with a few expertly chosen exceptions. This is one of those cases where alternating between characters was necessary to the plot and honestly, the story just couldn't have worked otherwise. The characters in question were all part of the greater story arc but not necessarily in the same area when the story kicks off. Truth be told, I adored getting to know every single main and secondary character Sanderson threw at us. I certainly had favorites among them: Kaladin, the surgeons forced to become a soldier and Dalinar, a high prince with a strong connection to the past. Kaladin especially is the kind of protagonist I tend to all-out obsess over. Like: if he was real, I'd the first to rally behind him. Or stalk him, whatever works. Nonetheless the other character's held my attention just as much and each and every one holds a special place in my heart.

Plot wise, I have no complaints either. The big picture was obviously vague in the first parts there, since we still didn't know all that much about the world or characters in question but the intrigue was high and so were the stakes. The whole thing just grabs your attention from the start and does.NOT.let.go. It helps that there's a steady stream of action with plenty of jaw-dropping twists that were sure to turn around in my head for days and days after I'd read them. Putting the elements of this story together was a truly satisfying experience, every single layer revealed new twists and new questions that needed to be answered. At about the mid-way point, a lot of seemingly separate elements begin trying into one another in a way that truly blew me away. It's so exciting to read something just so freaking good!

It's impossible to read an epic fantasy like this without talking about the action: the fight scenes, the battles, the full blown wars and the tactics and plotting in between. And like the author's other epic series Mistborn, the action in The Way of Kings was absolutely breathtaking. One of the aspect of the special powers a few of the characters have here involves the most epic fighting skills ever. And I don't know how he does it, but Mr. Sanderson has a way of unravelling a fight scene in your mind; just like watching a movie with the most amazing moves ever. I'm not talking special effects and explosions here. I'm talking about mind-bendingly well choreographed martial-arts style stuff that defies gravity and leaves you picking your jaw up off the floor.

I realize I've dissolved into a gushing fangirl right now, so I'll wind it down. Suffice it to say I was blown away by the utter magnitude of both the story and the world brought to life in The Way of Kings. This wasn't just just a new world but it was filled with new races of people, new religions and beliefs. It was filled with a new ecosystem, new weather, a new energy system (Stormlight!!) and new foods! We're talking truly EPIC world-building, character evolution and plot development. I'd highly recommend this one to any and all high-fantasy readers.

Did I mention: Epic? ;-)

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