SkyClan's Destiny (Warriors Super Edition Series)

SkyClan's Destiny (Warriors Super Edition Series) - Erin Hunter,  Wayne Mcloughlin (Illustrator) I would probably rate this book 2.75's close to a 3 but not quite. This book is a direct continuation of FireStar's Quest, but without FireStar, or SandStorm, or any cats from ThunderClan (or the other 3 clans of the forest). This book is the story of the lost 5th clan that FireStar was sent to rebuild, from the descendants of ancient SkyClan. It is quite different from all the other Warriors book, in the sense that this is really a 'new' clan. These are not cats accustomed to the ways of the warrior code, and StarClan. Most of these cats were rogues, or kittypets before FireStar came and brought them all together. At first, the book almost felt like a "what not to do if you live in a clan"...I felt that LeafStar made mistakes, or had lapses in judgement that the forest clan cats would never have done. I was also surprised at how little StarClan seem to be involved in the whole of clan life, seeing as in FireStar's Quest, all of Ancient SkyClan had said they would be there to guide the cats of the rebuilt SkyClan. On the other hand, it was interesting to see the clan evolve, and grow from nothing really into a true clan. They make their own rules, and they certainly follow a different path from the forest clans. So it was interesting to see the uniqueness of the circumstances.

I can't say that I didnt miss the cats of ThunderClan, and the other clans of the forest, but I did enjoy learning more about SkyClan!