Dark River (Warriors: Power of Three #2)

Dark River (Warriors: Power of Three #2) - Erin Hunter Dark River is the 2nd book in the Power of Three (PO3) series of Warriors. It picks up precisely where PO3 #1, The Sight left off. As the title suggests, this book has a strong theme of looming darkness, or impending danger. An eminent battle threatens to put many clans in danger, and once again TigerStar'S presence is felt from beyond the grave. In The Sight, TigerStar & HawkFrost both approached JayPaw in a dream, and attempted to lure him into darkness, but he trusted his instinct and refused. This time around, TigerStar & HawkFrost approach LionPaw, and offer to help him battle train at a perfect moment, and teach him valuable moves....and LionPaw seems willing to accept their help, only BrambleClaw seems to be weary, or suspect TigerStar's involvement....and he would know better than anyone.

All 3 of FireStar's descendants, or BrambleClaw and SquirrelFlight's kits have secrets in this book, and its still hard to tell what their intentions are, or how they will eventually handle their ever growing powers. In 'The Signt', JayPaw's powers were the only ones I really noticed, and while his powers seem to be growing while growing more complicated, HollyPaw and LionPaw's powers seem to be coming into focus in this book. As usual, I cannot wait to see what happens next, another riveting addition to the Warriors series!