Warriors Box Set: Volumes 1 to 6

Warriors Box Set: Volumes 1 to 6 - Erin Hunter This was a series that I debated on reading for the longest time. There were just so...many...books. It seemed like a daunting journey to embark upon. That and I wasn't sure about the whole cast of feline characters. I mean I'm a HUGE cat lover, but I wasn't sure how reading a book from a cat's perspective was going to go. I have never been more happy to let go of my hangups and just give it a try. Within the first pages I knew this was going to be an amazing adventure. And I wasn't wrong. These books have probably evoked more emotions from me than any other series I've ever read in my life. I've cried many times throughout the whole 24 book story arc saga, including the 5 and counting Super Editions. I think this first 6-book box set is still my favorite, because it's really where everything began for the Cats of the Clans and all the rest of the series of the Warriors universe tie into this one story arc.

The Warriors is the story of 4 clans of wild cats that co-exist within a very strict Code. Each clan has one leader, one deputy, one medicine cat or healer that make up their governing bodies. They share land that is strictly and efficiently divided up equally for the four clans. This series follows primarily the cats of ThunderClan, as they fight for the survival of their clan. These cats have so much going on it's insane. There are clan-fights, lovers quarrels, battles over who gets to control the clans, treachery, plots to overthrow the clans, forbidden-loves, wars. These books are marketed for kids and I think that is unfortunate...and also not entirely accurate. There are tons of bloody battles with plenty of tragic deaths and honestly most of the themes dealt with are YA if not entirely adult. The romances, the struggle with organized society, the hierarchy and plot twists are honestly pretty deep throughout.

This is a series for young and old alike. You will never look at your house-cat the same way again. And despite the 24-book main story arc, and the 5 and counting Super Editions, I see a complete re-read in my near future! My first reviews are also in desperate need for revisions :)