Sign of the Moon

Sign of the Moon - Erin Hunter *sigh*...this is the last available book from the final Warriors series, 'Omen of the Stars'. The next book (book 5) only comes out in November, and to quote my cousin Giselle 'Finishing a good book is like saying goodbye to a friend.' I don't know what I am going to do without this series that has captured my thoughts, my imagination and my heart. At least I have a few Super Editions to hold me off until then...LOL

Sign of the Moon starts off with a prologue taking place in the Tribe of Rushing Waters, a tribe that the cats of the clans have met on various occasions, so we can only assume that some clan cats will be visiting the tribe at some point in this book. Back in ThunderClan, IvyPaw & DovePaw receive their final assessment to be made warriors, but when IceCloud falls into the infamous tunnels, the assessment is cut short. Seeing the tunnels brings back horrible memories for LionBlaze & JayFeather, who lost their sister HollyLeaf in an avalanche during the final PO3 book. Both want to explore but can't due to the other cats around. Finally made into full warriors; their warrior names are IvyPool & DoveWing. As the settle in to make the traditional silent vigil, they spot JayFeather & LionBlaze, though neither is forthcoming that they are returning to explore the tunnels. After all, they never admitted to the whole truth about HollyLeaf's disappearance. They explore and find a tuft of HollyLeaf's black fur, but they find no body where they know she should be buried.

Eventually, JayFeather receives a sign from Rock, that he must visit the Tribe of Rushing Waters, and he heads off with DoveWing, SquirrelFlight & ToadStep. He finds the Tribe, and discovers that their leader, StoneTeller is very ill and refuses to name a successor. JayFeather speaks with Rock in the Cave of Pointed Stones and then proceeds to travel to a past time again, where he visited once before in the tunnels near the lake. He finds the ancient cats at the mountains, but unsure if they should stay, and it is his job to make them stay. To JayFeather's surprise, the cat who was in love with him before he left last time, Half Moon still loves him dearly. As JayFeather teaches the Tribe how to survive in the Mountains, he finds himself wishing he could start a family with Half Moon. Rock interrupts his longing to inform him that JayFeather does not belong in the past, he must show Half Moon how to be the first ever Stone Teller, that is their destiny. As heartbreaking as it is, JayFeather follows his path, and is forced to leave the one cat he ever loved in the past, with her new destiny while he comes back to present time. But not before he shows her how to be a healer by helping her deliver kits, one who is shockingly familiar and roars like a Lion. JayFeather realizes that it is his brother, and that another cat called Dove's Wing from the past is in effect DoveWing! The chosen 3 coexisted together in the past, in the mountains!!! When he comes back, StoneTeller dies, and it is part of JayFeather's destiny to name the new StoneTeller. He then sees HalfMoon's ghost and she whispers that she will wait for him forever... :(

Back in the Clans, IvyPool and BlossomFall explore the caves on their own, only to get lost. They are helped, once by the ghost of Fallen Leaves (the cat trapped eternally in the tunnels whom JayFeather has seen many times) and the second time they are helped is by a different cat....a cat that stays in the shadows to be better hidden...HollyLeaf?!? I guess we'll have to wait till November to find out!

During all this