Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Sterling Unabridged Classics)

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Sterling Unabridged Classics) - Scott McKowen, Arthur Pober, Lewis Carroll It can be a bit weird going in to classics you've never read before as an adult. I'm familiar with the tale of course. There used to be this incredible cartoon series when I was younger that played both in English and in French. '' wonderland'' or '' pays des merveilles'' and I would watch both, even if they would cross over sometimes. I absolutely LOVED the stories and how imaginative they were. I wonder what it would have been if I had read this book when I was at that age, how it would have compared to my beloved childhood cartoon series.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is an odd bit of a story. It's quite short, and doesn't really seem to have a point I mean it all turns out to be a dream. other than random weirdness, odd turns of phrases, puns and...well madness. While it was sort of a fun read and did make me smile a couple of times, I find myself disappointed with the lack of plot and character development. It just didn't match the expectations I had in my head when I thought about this classic tale.

I read this because it is a classic and I feel it is a book one should read over the course of a lifetime. It's a quick and easy read to be sure so it's not like you need to devote weeks to reading it. While I am glad to say I've finally read it, it failed to impress me.