Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice - Erin Hunter The 2nd book in the Warriors series picks up precisely at the point the 1st one left of, and from the the story just keeps getting more and more intense. The four clans are in a very volatile place during the whole book, and the reader can easily feel FireHeart's confusion as to who he can trust. Not only are the four clans at odds, putting everyone at risk, but there is danger much closer to home for our hero, as he continues to struggle to earn the respect of some in his tribe. I have to say that after reading this book, I will officially admit to being hooked. I really didnt think I would love the series and especially the characters so much. Erin Hunter is quite the gifted author to be able to give wild cats such depth, while never forgetting the wild cruelty of nature. Another highly recommended read for cat and animal lovers of all ages!