Physik - Angie Sage, Mark Zug 2.5 stars!

Physik is the 3rd Septimus Heap book. In this story, an unintentional lapse in judgment on Silas Heap's part, sets free a spirit from 500 years ago, to cause a horrible sickness in the kingdom. This sets forth a chain of events that leads to Septimus Heap traveling back in time 500 years, against his will, to become an Alchemist's apprentice. As usual with Septimus Heap books, the book is told from multiple perspectives and when Septimus first disappears through the Glass of time, we only see the first few moments of his disappearance, then we come back to the present time as Septimus' friends and family frantically search for him. I found this made the story drag at this point as I wanted to know WHY Septimus had been taken...we only got small glimpses of Septimus working quietly and seriously at his captor/teacher's side, while miserably remembering all the ways he's tried to escape, unsuccessfully. The story does pick up during the second half of the book, and quickly became as fun to read as the previous 2 Septimus Heap books were. Septimus' character matures and grows quite a bit while in the past, and learns skills unheard of in the present day, so it will be interesting to see how his new skills and his more mature disposition will take book 4!