Forest of Secrets

Forest of Secrets - Erin Hunter After finishing the 3rd book in the first series, Forest of Secrets, I wish my local bookstore was still open this late so I could go buy the next book in the series! I am officially hooked, book 3 is action packed start to finish, with plenty of shocking twists and, as the title suggests, plenty of secrets, most of which are revealed by the end of the book, where everything....and I do mean everything changes. Fireheart is as usual, right in the middle of all this, struggling to do what is best for the clan & his friends while desperately trying to discover the truth about his suspicions about Tigerclaw. Fans of the 1st two books should enjoy book 3 even more. I have to say I am amazed at how good these books are. The characters are surprisingly complex and engrossing & their four-clan co-existence in the forest is richly detailed . That, coupled with the wildness of their surroundings make for an action packed plot. But where author Erin Hunter shines, is where she explores the themes of courage, and love and honor. Highly recommend book and series, I can't wait to see where the story will go from here!