Syren - Angie Sage 'Syren' is book five of the Septimus Heap series, and unfortunately just like book three 'Physik', and book one 'Magyk' I found that 'Syren' was really slow going to start with. I've mentioned previously that author Angie Sage tells the story from many different perspectives, and when I say many, I mean not only Septimus Heap, his sister Jenna, his best friend Beetle, his brother Nicko and other close acquaintances, but almost every secondary or tertiary character has his perspective told. This tends to slow down the action quite a bit; at least at first, until the action gets going. I was hoping that book 3 had been the exception (book 1 as the set up for the series, gets a pass) seeing as book 4 'Queste' was so interesting right from the get-go, but sadly Syren let me down a bit.

That being said, once the action picks up its a real joy to read. The storyline picks up right where book 4 left off, but since they had *just* gotten back at the end of 'Queste', there obviously is some time devoted to setting the scene, explaining how it's been since our heros have all been reunited, that sort of thing. And true to form, about halfway through you realize you're on another unique adventure!

The plot is complex, well thought out, and exciting till the end, Now if only the author could stick to narrating from Septimus's perspective a little more, so the readers could get to know the hero even more I would have no complaints about this entertaining and original series. Not that I mind when the perspective is Jenna's, or Beetle's or Nikko's...but the town rat, or a Thing...I can surely do without! I can't wait until book 6 'Darke' comes out now :)