A Dangerous Path

A Dangerous Path - Erin Hunter A Dangerous Path picks up exactly where Rising Storm left off. TigerClaw is now TigerStar which mean he has his 9 lives and is now the leader of ShadowClan (appropriately enough). The question is if his new powers and position be enough to quench his thirst for blood and his vow of revenge on ThunderClan. In this book we get to see our hero, FireHeart deal with the responsibilities of being the Clan Deputy, as well as taking care for the clan, since their leader BlueStar has grown increasingly troubled. There is also a new, terrifying danger that lurks in the forest, and it it out for blood. When the rule of the forest shifts, and hunter become hunted, FireHeart faces his biggest challenge yet, keeping the clan safe from annihilation. These books are brilliant, I can't say enough, highly recommended for anyone who loves animals and the wildness of nature.