The Lightning Thief

The Lightning Thief - Rick Riordan Before I start my review of Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief I think it's only fair that I share a bit of information about myself: I am a HUGE sucker for mythology. Greek, Roman, Egyptian; you name it, consider me captivated. The literature and history classes that dealt with the myths were always my favorites, I find them fascinating and inspiring. So I think it's safe to say that the strong element of Greek mythology present in this book may have garnered it an additional star rating...or at least half a star. To be honest, I've hesitated a long time to embark on the Percy Jackson bandwagon, despite numerous friend's recommendations. Part of me knew I would surely enjoy myself enough to warrant reading the series. The other part was worried by all the ''If you enjoyed Harry Potter you'll love Percy Jackson'' talk. It's been thrown out there way too many times and honestly it's a major pet-peeve of mine. That being said I've been able to somewhat enjoy some Harry copycat stories Septimus Heap anyone? and the attraction of the mythological was too strong to resist any longer...

The Lightning Thief is the first of five Percy Jackson books and I've heard they get better as the series progresses so I will certainly be reading the rest of this series. I was sufficiently entertained throughout and even laughed out loud at some moments; though I certainly also did roll my eyes during other moments where I felt the originality was a bit lacking. It definitely did feel very much like a children's book throughout. I have been fortunate enough to read many children's stories and often end up wondering why they were categorized as such. (Harry Potter is an obvious one but also The Warriors Series and more recently Liesl and Po I feel that Percy Jackson book 1 is definitely a children's book though. I found the complexity of the characters and the relationships lacking even as a first book in a series. I did feel the world building was adequate. Not too much that it gets boring but just enough considering much of the plot was still centered in a real location. I though the characters were likeable enough from the start. I enjoyed Percy's dry-wit and self-deprecating humor as well as the banter between him and the rest of the trio. I wasn't a huge fan of Annabeth in the beginning but she did grow on me...a bit. I especially enjoyed Grover and hope to see more of him in the future books.

The mythology element was definitely entertaining though not fully accurate; it was still very enjoyable and even comical at times. (The first encounter with Ares.) Being a Pisces, I especially enjoyed the strong Poseidon element and what it means for Percy's skills and gifts. Plot-wise, I thought some of the twists were a bit lame and anti-climatic, but having had the sad misfortune of watching the movie when it came out, I was also pleasantly surprised by quite a few turn of events in the book. I would expect someone to be a culprit or something to happen as it did in the film, only to be thrown for a loop with what really happens. All things considered, The Lightning Thief was a decently enjoyable read, not without faults. I look forward to seeing how the story will progress down the line.