Moonrise - Erin Hunter The 2nd book in the New Prophecy series follows the adventure of the 6 cats on their journey home from the quest they all begun in book 1. I love the way the author Erin Hunter jumps right in, once the 1st book of the series is out of the way, she doesn't waste time on tedious explanations that fans of the series would know already. (I have found myself turned off tons of book series for this very reason.) As usual the pace is quick, with something interesting going on every step of the way. All the while, we are kept aware of what is going on back home every 3-4 chapters when the perspective of the book changes back to a character from the clan. The main narrator/hero out on the quest has changed from BrambleClaw to StoneFur of RiverClan. I like that the perspective switches around in the books, cause it allows you to get to know each clan member, or quest member on a more personal level and that way you care more for each and every one of them...although I do find myself almost missing knowing the thoughts of the other clan members at times. As usual, as soon as I was done reading this book, I found myself reaching for the next one.