Starlight - Erin Hunter Starlight, the 4th book in the New Prophecy series is all about New Beginnings, and change. The clans have finally found their new home after a long and dangerous journey, but many things remain uncertain, and all this uncertainty leads to doubt, fear and eventually chaos. I was happy that this book was once again mostly from BrambleClaw's perspective. His character fascinates me and I can't help wondering what his future holds. I was also happy that author Erin Hunter didn't skim over their discovery of the new territory. The clans remain close through a bigger part of the book, and that way we still know alot about the remain original cats from the 1st journey; CrowFeather & TawnyPelt. We also learn more about BrambleClaw's half brother, and TigerStar's other son HawkFrost. I'm pretty sure he can't be trusted but only time will tell I guess...Another fantastic addition to the Warriors Series.