The Sight

The Sight - Erin Hunter The Sight is the 1st book of the Power of Three series of Warriors books. This series follows Firestar's grandchildren, BrambleClaw and SquirrelFlight's 3 children HollyPaw, JayPaw & LionPaw. As customary in the Warriors series, there is a prophecy about them. ''There will be three, kin of your kin...who hold the power of the stars in their paws'' The books starts off with the 3 of them before they are even apprentices, so at first it is not obvious that they possess any kind of special powers, but as the story unfolds, it becomes clear that all three have special talents. LionPaw seems to be an talented hunter, while HollyPaw is obviously abnormally skilled at fighting. However it is JayPaw's gifts that are the most unusual...and intriguing. JayPaw is blind but has the ability to virtually 'see' with his other senses. Of course he is still blind and this leads to quite a few mishaps on his part. But his 'sight' is really amazing to read about. He senses other cats feelings, locations, wounds...everything. His connection with other cats and with StarClan (past warriors who have died but watch over and guide the cats of all 4 clans) is really breathtaking. However their powers could easily lead them down the wrong path, as seems could be the case for JayPaw especially. I really hope he will turn things around and become more of a team player. I sympathize with his character, so I hope he sees the light eventually because he is an especially fascinating character out of 3 fascinating lead characters. I cant wait to start book 2, kudos to Erin Hunter to once again have created and addictive read. I don't know how she keeps hooking me to each new series, but I love it!