Sunset - Erin Hunter I was super anxious starting this book. As the last book of the New Prophecy series, I knew many questions would be answered, but I almost didnt want to know which way things were going to go. I was happy the book was told from BrambleClaw's perspective and hoped that would be an omen that with all the difficult choices and temptations he had to face wouldn't take him off his path. All throughout the book he keeps dreaming about his evil (and dead) father TigerStar, and joined bu his brother HawkFrost, in the dreams, TigerStar coaches them on gaining power and leading all the 4 clans among both of them. It is clear that BrambleClaw has misgivings about some things his father says, and in his waking hours he is a loyal ThunderClan cat, but the meetings with his father, and his over ambitious brother had me feeling anxious. BrambleClaw is one of my favorite characters...

The book's narration was shared again, by LeafPool, and she was also aware of BrambleClaw's dreams with TigerStar, and while she was often worried about this, she didnt let it could her judgment when StarClan gave her an omen that BrambleClaw was to be made clan deputy.

I absolutely adored the whole New Prophecy series, although I felt this book ended a bit too abruptly for my taste. Once we finally know the outcome of the prophecy ''Before there is peace, blood will spill blood...'' the book comes to a close, without sharing anything more with the reader about the characters we've grown to care for all through the series. I knew the next series 'Warriors, Power of Three'' will probably show us more, but time will have passed and it will be from a new generation of cat's perspective. Seeing as I get way too emotionally invested in fictional characters, I will miss sharing BrambleClaw's thoughts, but I am very happy with this book as the final book of the New Prophecy!