Firestar's Quest

Firestar's Quest - Erin Hunter
3.5 stars

FireStar's Quest is another stand along Warriors adventure (like BlueStar's Prophecy) though this one centers around FireStar, and takes place after the events of the original series of Warriors books. So, just after the battle with BloodClan, FireStar finds himself still a fairly new Clan Leader, when he starts having disturbing visions about strange cats, not of any clan he knows...visions of cats suffering, lost and desperate. This visions see the ThunderClan leader leaving his clan with his mate SandStorm, and setting off to find the descendants of a long forgotten tribe, SkyClan. This quest proves more daunting than even FireStar could have imagined. He must travel very far, following the footsteps that ancient SkyClan had threaded many many years before...which I feel would have been a valuable experience for FireStar; especially when you consider the events of The New Prophecy ;)

I enjoyed getting all the extra info these Super Editions seem to provide tirelessly. This time learning about how BramblePaw becomes BrambleClaw was obviously a high point for me seeing as I ♥ BrambleClaw lol, but I also enjoyed learning how SandStorm came to appreciate FireStar's relationship with SpottedLead and seeing exactly when, and how FireStar got the prophecy : "There will be three, kin of your kin, who will hold the power of the stars in their paws." and I loved seeing the birth of LeafKit and SquirrelKit. Of course, the high point of the book is watching FireStar rebuild SkyClan, discovering all the descendants of Ancient SkyClan, and finding their medicine cat, their leader, showing them to hunt and defend their borders. A very exciting edition to an already incredible series!