Outcast - Erin Hunter The Power of Three series seems to get more compelling as we learn more and more about 'The Chosen Three's' powers, skills and as they themselves mature, and Outcast is definitely no exception. In book 3 of the PO3 series, the surviving original members of the journey to Sun-Drown place: BrambleClaw, SquirrelFlight, CrowFeather & TawnyPelt set off to help the tribe of the mountains that they had encountered in 'The New Prophecy series'. The twist is this time, the original cats of the 1st journey take their children, who are now apprentices with them. JayPaw is certain that the Tribe will offer answers about the ominous prophecy regarding himself, his sister and brother. Despite HollyPaw & LionPaw not being aware of the prophecy surrounding them, still find that they too are drawn to the mountains...but their journey there, and the answers they find are not necessarily what they expect...

As usual Erin Hunter wastes no time on repetitive details reminding the reader of things they already know, she just dives right in with the action, plot twists and while some secrets are revealed, others still lay undiscovered, and the suspense is killing me!