Eclipse - Erin Hunter Eclipse is the fourth book in the Power of Three (PO3) series of Warriors. The prologue in itself starts the book off with more questions than it actually answers in the book. We have past cats that have now joined StarClan discussing the 3 chosen cats of the current prophecy ''There will be three, kin of your kin...who hold the power of the stars in their paws''...StarClan are apparently keeping the Clan cats in the dark about what the future holds...YellowFang seems angry that they are 'deceiving' the cats of the four clans, and the 3 chosen cats, but StarClan seems to have decided that this is for the best. Their decision is felt throughout the rest of the book, as the cats are all feeling StarClan's silence, and many cats are feeling that StarClan have abandoned them.

As for our chosen three, they are now all of them aware that there is a prophecy surrounding them...and while JayPaw has known all along it seems to have given him more wisdom and maturity. I feel that he above all others have made so much progress. I absolutely love reading from his perspective because of his gifts; his enhanced awareness of whats going on around him, his ability to walk in others dreams, even when he is awake, is still thoroughly fascinating to me. I am also beginning to enjoy HollyPaw a lot more...she fears the prophecy a bit more than the others, as she is ALWAYS thinking how to better serve the clan, and uphold the warrior code. She's very wise and fair in her thoughts and in her ambitions. LionPaw on the other hand has me worried in the way I was worried about JayPaw in the begining and about BrambleClaw in the previous Warriors series. TigerStar's spirit seems especially focused on LionPaw and his gifts as a warrior are such that he is even scared of his powers, and of his own ambitions.

I really loved this book, as every other Warriors book I guess, and I can't wait to find out what happens next!