Bluestar's Prophecy

Bluestar's Prophecy - Erin Hunter, Wayne McLoughlin BlueStar's Prophecy is a 'super edition' and therefore quite a bit bigger than the usual Warriors book. It is also, chronologically speaking', where the Warriors series starts off, in ThunderClan at least. I really liked getting to know older warriors when they were kits and the path that led them to being warriors, not only BlueStar but TigerStar, WhiteStorm, SpottedLeaf and, eventually FireStar...all from BlueStar's perspective. It was unusually sad, and I actually shed a few tears through a few parts. BlueStar's journey is filled with ups, and plenty of down's as she journeys from being Bluekit to being apprenticed, becoming a full warrior, a deputy and finally leader of ThunderClan with 9 lives and plenty more trials and tribulations ahead. I enjoyed getting to know BlueStar's character better, and understanding the hardships she's faced since very early in life. It helps me understand her giving in to despair early on in the original Warriors series. And I like that she only sees the prophecy surrounding her realized, when she brings a young kittypet named Rusty into the clan...the future FireStar. Another fantastic addition to the Warriors collection!

PS-I wonder if PineStar, once he adopted the kittypet life, could possibly be FireStar's father? And I also wonder if the fact that PineStar became a kittypet, caused TigerStar's hatred of kittypets and eventually FireStar...maybe ThistleClaw taunted Tigerkit during mentoring him, or he could have heard whispers about his father being soft...or un-warrior like.