Night Whispers

Night Whispers - Erin Hunter Night Whispers is book 3 in the Omen of the Stars series, and the first to follow the perspective of a cat outside ThunderClan. We still have JayFeather, LionBlaze, DovePaw and IvyPaw, but we also follow FlameTail, the ShadowClan Medicine Cat. Even after finishing the book, I am still not 100% sure why Erin decided to show us more on another Clan...but I'm sure it will become clearer eventually and I did enjoy getting to know ShadowClan a bit better. The book opens up with the usual prologue, cats of StarClan are realizing the threat of the Dark Forest is far worst than anyone could have predicted or imagined, and StarClan realize that they must fight. Meanwhile, back in ThunderClan, the needless battle with ShadowClan is only just finished, and JayFeather & LionBlaze agree that they must be aware of any kind of sign, because they feel this battle was provoked by the Dark Forest. Soon after, JayFeather walks in IvyPaw's dream and finds out that she and other cats from other clans are receiving training from TigerStar in the DarkForest. As for LionBlaze, we find him coming to grips with inadvertently killing the ShadowClan deputy in order to save FireStar's life. It's easy to see that his gift can easily become a curse as well, because his fighting skills are impossible to match.

DovePaw overhears JayFeather & LionBlaze discussing her sister IvyPaw's visits to the Dark Forest, and is quite disbelieving at first, but she eventually confronts her sister and the two argue seeing as IvyPaw feels she is training to better protect her clan, and doesnt realize how much TigerStar is manipulating her. But eventually IvyPaw will discover that DovePaw has a secret of her own: she is secretly meeting with TigerHeart, a ShadowClan warrior, and another cat who is training in the Dark Forest.

Seeing is we have the perspective of a ThunderClan medicine cat in JayFeather and they added perspective of FlameTail the ShadowClan medicine cat, we see both cats being warned by their StarClan ancestors that the clans must fight this battle alone and without help from other clans. I'm am very confused as to why the StarClan cats are insisting on this, after all the clans learning to cooperate when needed in the past. I hope there is a good reason, and that no StarClan cats could possibly be manipulated by the Dark Forest as well, but that remains to be seen. IvyPaw eventually realizes that TigerStar is lying to her and every other clan cat he's training; all he wants is war between the clans. She finally admits the the three cats of the prophecy that she has been visiting the Dark Forest. The three ask her to continue going but as a spy for ThunderClan. After all, it's not like she can stop going to the Dark Forest in her dreams...she agrees, in hopes that she will make up for her serious lack of judgement. DovePaw finally comes clean to IvyPaw about her powers and the other two of the prophecy as well.

Meanwhile, the ShadowClan cats are venturing out onto the frozen lake, and despite FlameTail's dreams of darkness, he ventures out with his clanmates only to fall through the ice into freezing water. JayFeather jumps in after him to rescue him (♥) but it is in vain. Rock appears to JayFeather and begs him to let go, it is not his time to die, but it is FlameTail's time....The books ends with IvyPaw returning to the Dark Forest, this time as a spy. BrokenStar wants to test her loyalty by having her kill FlameTail. She tells him no because FlameTail is already dead, but BrokenStar informs her that yes a cat in StarClan CAN be killed again and that it is the most painful thing imaginable, to destroy a StarClan 'soul' which I found shocking and a dark indication of things to come...IvyPaw considers pouncing to keep up her facade, but TigerHeart arrives and saves his dead brother. The book ends with TigerStar, albiet a bit hesitant now, sure that IvyPaw is still loyal, and will fight with the Dark Forest when the time is right.

I am absolutely loving the Omen of the Star series, although I found this book didnt have enough from JayFeather's perspective. I hope this will be remedied in the next installement :)