The Forgotten Warrior

The Forgotten Warrior - Erin Hunter The Forgotten Warrior, the long awaited book 5 in the Omen of the Stars (OotS) series of the Warriors book. And the second to last book of the series as we know it. According to the authors, the next series of Warrior Cats isn't written; and would take place at the beginning of the clans, kind of like prequels. I was worried I'd be confused; having finished the previous OotS Warriors book in June; but there are always short and sweet little reminders thrown in, which aren't excessive; cause I didn't notice them previously when I was reading each book back to back...but just enough in this case to refresh my memory. This book picks up about a month after the events of 'Sign of the Moon' book 4 in the 6 book OotS series. The battle of the Dark Forest looms ever closer, the Dark Forest cats are still recruiting heavily, training cats from all four clans in their dreams. As always I find the dream-walker element of the Warriors series fascinating. All these cats being trained separately and almost like a second clan is causing rifts within the traditional clan structures...then when a stranger appears within ThunderClan a returning stranger; one that I can't wait till he gets what's coming to him lol spreading more mistrust and fear...well let`s just say there's never a dull moment within the clans.

As always, the writing style is delightful; light and easy to fall into again even considering I had read the previous book almost 6 months ago. The pacing is quick, the action is violent and brutal, and the plot thickens with secrets and prophecies. Everything we`ve grown addicted to when we started reading the Warriors series, way back when. I had forgotten how much fun it is to read from a cat's perspective (lol) Its surprisingly human; but with some unique differences: The narrative is more instinctual, a lot of information comes from the senses; what they hear, what they smell, what they see and what they taste and feel. It's fascinating to read from a perspective other than human, a refreshing change from the day to day fiction. Also the clan dynamic is still as much fun for me. The hierarchy of it all, the code the warriors live by, and how certain warriors bend it more often then others...I really had missed it all!

Jayfeather is as usual, my favorite perspective to read: he's moody and defensive, but I love his special powers. His ehnhanced empathy (knowing what other cats are feeling), his hightened intuition and his dreams of course. I especially love when he visits other warriors dreams. He can even transform their dreaming environment to suit his purpose. Even to places he's never been in times before he was born. I'm happy that he uses it for good and I'm still further fascinated with his powers... He's still so intruiguing to me; a blind cat who almost sees better than the rest of the clan. Out of all the warrior series, he's definitely one of my all time favorites...with Brambleclaw and Firestar of course. I really enjoy Lionblaze's perspective as well, not only for his special powers and part in the prophecy, but for his venture into the dark forest and how it built his character...very like Brambleclaw who he thought was his father what seems like so long ago.

Hollyleaf! in the most anti-climatic surprise of the series (seriously, who didn't know she was in the tunnels at this point) but I was hoping for a better reveal than that.
Despite the anticlimactic manor in which she is discovered, I'd say overall Hollyleaf is a welcome return. I was quite frustrated with her before she disappeared in Sunrise (in Po3) but she seems to have changed and I have to say I kinda like her again. She seems to have matured during her exile. She is as strategic and fair minded as she was, but there is a humbleness to her now. Before she had the prophecy hanging over her, now she knows she is excluded from it, and it seems to have given her pause. (I hope I won't regret writing this lol)...

This one ends on an obvious cliffhanger to the Dark Forest battle that looms over our heads till the 6th book comes out in like 6 months from surprise there. I really enjoyed this addition to OotS and I seriously hope I can make it till book 6 comes out! Let the countdown begin :)