Crookedstar's Promise

Crookedstar's Promise - Erin Hunter CrookedStar's Promise is the newest book in the Warriors series, and being a Super Edition, it takes place outside the main story line and time frame. Chronologically speaking this book takes place roughly around the time of the events of BlueStar's Prophecy. I have to say that up until now, my favorite book of the Super Editions was BlueStar's Prophecy, but having just finished CrookedStar's Promise, I'd now say its a tie. I absolutely loved this book. Right from the start it got me hooked because it was so sad and heartbreaking how they all cast CrookedKit aside after an accident leaves him disfigured; even his own mother. But reading through you had to admire his resolve and spirit. And of course you feel so bad for him! But then he gets fooled by a cat who he thinks is from StarClan into making a promise...a promise that will haunt him his whole life. The cat is actually MapleShade, from the Dark Forrest. So it was interesting cause the reader almost gets to see the birth of the Dark Forrest, or more like we get to realize how far back it goes.

I also really enjoyed learning more about RiverClan. I loved seeing how they hunt, and swim, unlike all the other clan cats. The element of water was especially enjoyable for me; being a Pisces. I think asides from ThunderClan, RiverClan is my favorite clan. I also enjoyed seeing ThunderClan from another clan's perspective and the little differences in their rituals. Its great cause in the Super Edition about SkyClan (SkyClan's Destiny) I didnt enjoy as much learning about another clan and found myself missing ThunderClan quite a bit...

This story was really touching, because CrookedStar is a great hero, and a wonderful leader, and its so tragic that he got fooled by MapleShade. And it would have never happened if his mother hadnt cast him aside. His life is so much harder and lonely because of it but throughout he behaves admirably and proves his worth. I really felt for him! What can I say, another exciting and original Warriors book to add to the collection :)