Fading Echoes

Fading Echoes - Erin Hunter In the 2nd book from the Omen of the Stars mini-series, we find DovePaw now certain that she is the 3rd cat of the prophecy : ''After the sharp-eyed Jay and the roaring Lion, peace will come...on a Dove's wing.' Together with JayFeather & LionBlaze, they set out to discover what exactly the prophecy is alluding to, and how they can work together to fulfill it the the best of their abilities. There is a very intriguing twist seemingly on the horizon of this series though; the cats of the Dark Forest seem to be training for a battle under the tutelage of who else, but TigerStar. But these cats are already dead, what use could they possibly have for training for a battle? In 'Fading Echoes, we discover that much like he attempted to manipulate his son BrambleClaw in 'The New Prophecy' and then LionBlaze in 'PO3', TigerClaw has been visiting certain cats in their dreams, to manipulate them for his own devious plans. He chooses cats with scores to settle, like BreezePelt, or his kin, like with TigerHeart...but as we begin to learn no cat is off limits for TigerStar. The cover of the book depicts IvyPaw, DovePaw's sister. IvyPaw is noticing that her siser is being treated differently around the camp, however she isn't aware that this is because DovePaw is part of any prophecy. IvyPaw feels her sister is a favorite, of the clan leader, and other senior cats, and she becomes jealous. TigerStar obviously sees this as a perfect weakness, for a cat so well placed in ThunderClan. He sends HawkFrost to begin walking in her dreams, and we get to see just how good the cats of the dark forest are at deception and manipulation to accomplish their means.

JayFeather for his part actually visits the DarkForest, with StarClan cats YellowFang and SpottedLeaf in an attempt to discover what TigerStar is up to. JayFeather is convinced the cats of the Dark Forest will rise up eventually and force a battle between the clan cats, and I believe he's right...thinking this is an ideal way to build up suspense till the ending of this final Warriors series.

I also think, as I have previously mentioned in my review of 'Sunrise' the final PO3 book, that we haven't seen the last of JayFeather's and LionBlaze's sister HollyLeaf...they seem to be bringing her up more and more through as the OOTS series progresses, though they never refer to her as dead...only disappeared on as having 'left' ThunderClan. I did enjoy reading about LionBlaze & JayFeather mourning her, missing her, and generally just coming to grips with their loss. They are gaining perspective on the whole thing, much as we do in real life when faced with a loss. Their understanding of it is helping me realize things I overlooked when initially discovering the shocking events at the end of 'Sunrise'. Like how she really never did fit in with the prophecy, having no special powers, left her lost, excluded and very resentful. Nevertheless, she was their sister, and she was astute and compassionate and her own special qualities were a needed balance and voice of reason for the remaining two brothers.

Still loving this whole series, it's unbelievably addictive and compelling, cleverly written and always leaves the reader wanting more!