Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun - Stephenie Meyer Well, I figure I might as well review what's been 'leaked' since at this point most people have read what's out there. Admittedly, I felt guilty looking for it at the time...I still feel that it is absolutely horrible for someone to put it out there before it was done; thus seemingly putting it's own faith in danger. Fingers crossed all over the world that this one sees the light of day soon.

I have to say I enjoyed reading from Edward's perspective even more than I did Bella's; and I'm a huge Bella fan! Edward over analyses most everything and is well worded, conflicted, noble and simply adorable. It really does help to bring a whole other dimension to Edward & Bella's relationship. Everything would have had to have been so much more difficult for him; knowing all that he did... I especially loved the moment where he realizes that he has changed and that he now is in love with Bella. Edward's narrative voice is enough to give any girl goosebumps...or induce giddyness ;) PLEASE write the rest of Midnight Sun Stephenie Meyer, I beg you!