Catching Fire

Catching Fire - Suzanne  Collins Catching Fire is the follow up to The Hunger Games, and in my opinion is even better than the first one. Now, I don't know if thats because with this one, I was already involved in the story, or if it's because we learn more about characters like Gale and Haymitch only adding to the layers of the story. I just felt the evolution of the story went in the perfect direction, building the suspense while developing the characters further.

Katniss and Peeta (is it just me or do all the characters have the weirdest names?) have survived the Hunger Games and you would think this would be a happy occasion. While they are both happy to be home safe, the games have brought on many changes and complications. For one thing, President Snow, a.k.a. the creepiest dude ever feels that Katniss' behavior at the end of the games may be responsible for a feeling of descent sweeping across some districts. If this isn't enough to worry about, Katniss must know fear for the lives of her loved ones more than ever. In between that, she attempts to sort out her feelings for Gale....and Peeta. Suzanne Collins does an excellent job of showing Katniss' feelings for both of them, but thats nothing compared to her ability to pace and maintain tension during especially gruesome scenes. I am blown away by how much emotion the author is capable of evoking. Thrilling sequel, I can't wait to start the final book!