Mockingjay - Collins Suzanne Wow. This book just did not quit. It was beyond intensity from start to finish, I could not put it down, I thought about what would happen next in bed before going to sleep, or in the morning when I woke up. The plot for the most part went in the direction I hoped it would. After surviving 2 Hunger Games at the hands of evil President Snow, there is an uprising; a rebellion and Katniss is the face of the rebellion. Mockingjay. That is what I hoped for as early as book one, so that isn't the surprising part. I was surprised though, over and over again. After reading about Katniss' adventures in two hunger games, I didn't think the gore, or the mutts, or the love triangle could still hold shock, disturb and drive me to distraction. It was almost unbearable at points, not knowing how it would end, not knowing who survived, not knowing which way the love triangle would end, for sure anyways. I do have a minor complaint, and I say minor because I tend to feel the same way about series that suck me in like this: the ending is a bit too abrupt. MAJOR SPOILERS do NOT click unless you've finished reading the series I would have liked more details once Peeta & Katniss finally find they're way back to one another. After all that insanity and suffering (especially poor Peeta), I know they wouldn't be happy all at once, but I felt they (and I) deserved more...more words, more...I dont know what. I guess I just hate that this is the end LOL All in all, this was a hell of a ride, and a hell of a story. Now I guess all we have to do is wait for the movie to come out :D

ps: I ♥ Peeta ahaha