Darkfever - Karen Marie Moning

I have been very anxious to get started with this series and see what all the fuss is about. It is now 5 past midnight and I *just* finished the last chapter. Since I am heading out tomorrow to pick up Bloodfever, I can honestly say I feel the *need* to know how the rest of the story will unfold. While I can say I enjoyed some parts of Darkfever; other parts were...well I guess frustrating would be a good word. Or annoying. Even a bit confusing at times.

Darkfever tells the story of MacKayla Lane or 'Mac' as she likes to be called and her discovery that she has the gift (or curse?) of being a sidhe-seer; a person who can see the Fae. I was difficult for me to relate to Mac, especially during the first half of the book. She's a self described Barbie girl and she loves her perfect little life, with her perfect blonde hair and her perfect body. If you ask me, Karen Marie Moning gave one too many descriptions on how perfect Mac looks; and how perfect Mac knows she is. It's just not the type of thing that endears me to the protagonist...or any of her problems. At first, I was also kind off annoyed at how Mac refused to believe anything about the strange new world she is now a part of. To me the facts were staring her right in the face and she was being so obstinate about everything. Mac herself called it an 'ostrich-tendency' and I think that redeemed her a bit for me. At least she has no illusions that she was being ignorant. I'm not much for plastic Barbie girls but at least she wasn't going around oblivious to the fact that she is a Barbie girl. On the other hand, I admired Mac's determination, stubbornness and courage as the eventually came into focus. So yeah, to say I have mixed feelings here would be an understatement >.<<br/>
Moning's writing style is interesting. The story is told in first person and as Mac relays her story she sometimes alludes to things to come; or hints at the outcome of a tense scene before beginning to tell it; it definitely keeps you reading. And if you're an insanely curious type(like me), it can drive you crazy sometimes too. I thought the Fae-lore was quite original, even if it was confusing at times with the spelling versus pronunciation of certain terms, but you quickly get the hang of it all. As the story progresses, everything gets more engrossing. Mac 1.0 evolves into Mac 2.0 and I have to say Mac 2.0 kicks her earlier versions a$$. I really enjoyed the character arc and look forward to see where it will go from here.

This is certainly not a YA book, the men involved are not for the faint of heart and the sexual elements of the story are definitely on the adult side. I've certainly never read a book like this, so if nothing else I'm anxious to see how the story will grow from here.