Daimon - Jennifer L. Armentrout Daimon is a prequel to The Covenant series, sort of a mini-novella of the events that take place directly before Half-Blood. When I found out about Daimon (Covenant 0.5), I was already half way through Half-Blood and I immediately wanted to check it out. Though I already knew what the basic premise of it was going to be going in, I wasn't really sure what to expect. Sometimes when authors release a mini-prequel or a novella within a series, it can be a bit of letdown...it can come off a bit gimmicky and sometimes these kinds of books fail to deliver much of anything worthwhile as far as plot development and character depth. I am thrilled to say that author Jennifer L. Armentrout once again delivered an amazing story, even in this smaller format. Honestly, it felt like Daimon was the absolute perfect length to deliver exactly what it sets out to: filling the reader in to the events that preceded Half-Blood & offering an even more intimate & evocative view into the main protagonist Alex's personality.

While I instinctively dragged this reading out - to hold me off until the rest of the series arrived in my mailbox, Daimon could easily be read in one sitting. Be prepared for a roller-coaster ride though because this read packs a punch! I'm still reeling as to how much JLA was able to get me even further invested and in love with these characters and the world they inhabit...even though I shouldn't be surprised after how devoted I already was after finishing Half-Blood. I think Daimon is suitable to be read both before Half-Blood and after, both options have benefits. If you read Daimon first, you'll get a nice, chronological introduction to Alex and what makes her tick. If, like me, you read Half-Blood first, Daimon will offer a deeper understanding into Alex's past trials and sufferings right before the events of Half-Blood. Either way, I feel Daimon was worth the read for any fans of The Covenant series and author Jennifer L. Armentrout as well. Everything about this novella worked for me: it was powerful, emotional & consuming. I'm extremely anxious to get started on Pure!

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