Complete Anne Box Set

Complete Anne Box Set - L.M. Montgomery Oh wow, this is the exact same Anne of Green Gables Box Set that I had as a child; which was bought in Cavendish PEI where these stories take place. Anne of Green Gables is an absolute unavoidable part of my childhood. When I think back to what I read as a child, this series stands out. Book 1 is easily the highlight of the series and is not to be missed by fiction lovers both young and old. The series definitely looses much of it's steam by the end; I must confess to never having been able to finish book 6. It seemed the Anne we had grown to love had all but disappeared by then and it made me sad enough to just stop reading. But even that has never tainted my love of Anne and her early adventures. Books 1-3 are all highly enjoyable but if you really want to know what inspired such a legendary tale, the first book is without a doubt the true 'Anne' of Green Gables.