Couplehood - Paul Reiser I read this book over ten years ago. I used to be a huge fan of the show 'Mad About You' and I really liked Paul Reiser. Just to give a bit of context to my review...I'd have been a teenager when I bought this, and hadn't gotten around to reading it. Then one day, I was looking for something to distract me having just broken up with my boyfriend of the time (sigh...young love and it's keen sting) ...Anyways my point is I was not in happy place when I started this book, and within 10 minutes of reading I was laughing out loud. A lot. If you enjoy or ever have enjoyed any Paul Reiser comedy, this book is cleverly written with witty observations on; not only how it is like in a long term relationship, but also how we are as people. Sharp, cleaver & laugh out loud funny.