Prince Caspian (Chronicles of Narnia, #4)

Prince Caspian (Chronicles of Narnia, #4) - C.S. Lewis Having watched the movie version of Prince Caspian first, I began reading this story with some trepidation. The movie version wasn't all that great; it certainly didn't live up to it's predecessor TLTW&TW. Therefore I was pleasantly surprised as to how much I enjoyed this original telling of the tale. Such an improvement over the film; all the parts I had hated so much in the film, are non-existent. (Phew!) Instead, I discovered a truly magical tale that was right up there with the better stories within The Chronicles.

Lewis took into consideration that most people had read TLTW&TW this time around, so he didn't need to waste time refreshing the readers memory. It might have been a bit confusing at first (had I not already seen the film) because there is a MAJOR jump in the time span of this story. We once again join the Pevensie children in London, a mere 1 year after the events of TLTW&TW, but once they cross over into Narnia again, approximately 1000 years have passed. While this can appear to be a downside at first (and certainly is in the film), this gives the author a chance to show the reader what has been lost, but more than that it gives a chance to rebuild again; with some new faces thrown in the mix both heroes and villains.

The telling of Prince Capsian's tale was definitely a highlight, and the return of the Pevensies was very enjoyable as well. Overall a great addition to the Chronicles!