The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Chronicles of Narnia, #5)

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Chronicles of Narnia, #5) - C.S. Lewis 3.5 stars or 4 stars? 3.5 stars or 4 stars? I really wish Goodreads had half star ratings but in this case it wouldn't help me. Right now I wish for a 10 star point system HA! I guess I'll go with 3.5 stars! Anyways moving on...the Voyage of the Dawn Treader is quite unique when compared to it's predecessors within the Chronicles, mostly because the story takes place largely at sea. Personally, I love stories about sailing the seas in search for adventures but I do find that some of them fall flat, or even tend to drag for whatever reason. Maybe my expectations are too high going in, who knows. For the most part, I have to say I have few complaints with TVotDT; besides the usual suspects I've grown accustomed to when reading C.S.Lewis (religious allegory mostly since I didn't find many dated opinions on women in this one...after all Susan isn't here lol)

I really enjoy the unique ways or reasons used for people from our world to enter Narnia, and Dawn Treader is no exception. I have to hand it to Lewis, he certainly was gifted at infusing his stories with a good dose of child-like wonderment. His stories have all the elements of a fantasy story any child could enjoy. Like I mentioned this story takes place largely at sea; and thus has everything you could possibly want in such an adventure: a giant sea-serpent, a dragon, an island with a magician, merpeople, and adventures in strange lands and *seemingly* deserted islands. This time around, only the two youngest Pevensie siblings were taken to Narnia (along with their cousin Eustace), but as they are my two favorites, I was fine with that. Although it's less clear why exactly they were brought to Narnia this time around, it was fun while it lasted nonetheless!

It is a little annoying that Aslan is always there, right at the right time to save the day. Especially when one considers the basis of the character. I just find myself wishing he was less of a 'divine' figure and could take part in the adventures more fully. As it is, it can sometimes come across as an 'easy-out' for him to always appear at the right time. I'm also going to geek-out a bit here and point this out: When the Pevensies leave Narnia the first time, at the end of TLTW&TW they are in our world again for one year. When they return in PC approximately one thousand years have passed. Then comes Dawn Treader in which the Pevensies were once again in our world for one year, but once they cross over to Narnia again, this time only three years have passed. Lewis simply states that times runs differently in Narnia... huh? Ok 'geek-out' ended. Overall, I still very much enjoyed Dawn Treader, it's inherent magic and innocence kept me wanting more till the end. I can't wait to see what 'The Silver Chair' brings...