Crossed - Ally Condie 'Crossed', is the second book in the 'Matched' trilogy and while I know many Matched fans were let down by this second installment, I personally found it just as good as it's predecessor. As it was with Matched, the cover is simple; yet insightful: Cassia is beginning to break through...

'Crossed' features dual narratives; while we keep Cassia's POV, every other chapter features Ky's. I thought this was done very well. Anyone who follows my reviews knows I love getting the boys perspective after the fact. Especially the way it was done in Crossed with both narratives intertwining together. It added depth, suspense and added insight into Ky's character. This played a huge part in my overall impression of the book, and it's subsequent rating. Girls can usually relate to how the girl is feeling, but like with the forbidden excerpt from Midnight Sun, it's always much more interesting from the boy's perspective ♥ ...once you already know the girls side of it, to see how they fit together. And in the case of Crossed, much of Ky's chapters involve flashbacks of some kind. Of his childhood, of his memories in The Society, of Cassia. So you get to relive their romance in little bits through his memories while getting to know in a way that would have been impossible if Crossed had only featured Cassia's POV. I thought it was very well done...even so it was sometimes frustrating to have to switch narratives right when the story got interesting ;) It certainly stopped me from putting the book down one more than one occasion!

On of the ongoing highlights for me throughout this series has to be Cassia's ongoing transformation. She's stayed true to her inherent nature in all the ways that count, but she has really begun to break out of the control & oppression that 'The Society' has been delving out for far too long. She's become brave, resourceful and a little unpredictable but never really reckless or stupid. She knows things need to change, and she's willing to do whatever it takes to make those changes happen. I was so impressed by her evolution in Matched and I continue to be impressed by her in Crossed. Ally Condie has developed Cassia and the rest of the characters in this world very consistently; in a believable and real way. It's so easy to relate to them and to feel for them. It's definitely one of the strong points of this series.

As with Matched, Crossed is about words, and their power to evoke, to move, to change and to create. Creation did not exist within The Society, but somehow it has survived all this time and it gives people hope; it helps the hang on and moves them forward. Ally Condie has a simple style that is still poetic and evocative just as it was in Matched. I can't wait to see how everything is going to play out with 'Reached' and I can't believe we have to wait till NOVEMBER to know how it all ends!