Hollyleaf's Story

Hollyleaf's Story - Erin Hunter
3.5 stars

Hollyleaf's Story is an e-book exclusive Special Edition. Much like the other Warriors Special Editions it focuses on one specific character. In this case, it tells the tale of Hollyleaf during the time of her self inflicted exile from the clans. I think the reason it came out as an e-book exclusive is the fact that there really isn't enough material, or plot to make up a full sized book. Nonetheless it was an enjoyable if not entirely surprising story. Much of what takes place in this story was addressed in the main series in some way. Especially for people who knew Hollyleaf was around and would eventually come back (like myself). I still very much enjoyed reading this story. It was a little something extra and very welcome considering the end of the main series.

Before Hollyleaf lost it (during the end of the PO3 series) I enjoyed her character well enough; though never as much as her two brothers. The end of the PO3 series was marked with a rapid decline in her mental and emotional state and to be honest I was a bit relieved when she left. ''Hollyleaf's Story'' provides much needed insight into Hollyleaf's own feelings towards everything that happened. This story really helped me appreciate her character a lot more and it really explains how she changed upon her return in the OotS series... It was also fun to see firsthand how she was always helping Thunderclan when she could.

I enjoyed the relationship with Hollyleaf and Fallen Leaves though I wish Hollyleaf would have figured out why he's never warm and never eats. I mean as the reader we know why, but I was expecting Hollyleaf to figure it out and be shocked or whatever.Fallen Leave's story in itself is so tragic, I was glad he had companionship, if only for a little while. All things considered it wasn't the best or most complete Warriors story I've read, but at this point with the main series done with and the prequel series nowhere near written, I'll take any little piece of the clans I can get. I already miss reading from a warrior cat's perspective...and this was the perfect thing to tide me over until the Yellowfang SE comes out.