City of Fallen Angels

City of Fallen Angels - Cassandra Clare I had been anxiously waiting for this one. It's not quite as good as I expected. The narrative was a bit weird in this extra...I can't quite put my finger on it. Nevertheless, it's from Jace's POV, it's still my favorite Jace & Clary kiss and since those are my guilty pleasure I thoroughly enjoyed this.

Merged review:

Rating Clary-fication 3.5 stars.

What an absolutely cruel and unbearable ending! Despite how long it's taken me to become invested in these characters and this story, I find myself suuuppper frustrated (yes damn it, I'm still frustrated) and dying of curiosity to know where this is going to go. I'm actually glad I didn't read these as they were coming out; thankfully, I only have about a week and a half of wait.

City of Fallen Angels has managed to remain a mostly positive experience for me, despite how aggravated I am at Clary and Jace being kept apart continuously by one thing or another. Every time they overcome a barrier, another more insane one gets chucked in the way. And yes, despite all that I am a hardcore Clary/Jace fan now. I think that one scene sealed the deal for me when Jace kissed Clary in the alley, in the rain, and it got really intense, hot and heavy and he ripped her tights so he could touch her skin?! ouch...that had me sizzling for days after! Uhmm, so yeah I want these two crazy mixed up kids to be happy already. I think Jace is one of the most cruelly tortured characters to ever live inside a book. Seriously, Cassandra Clare; go torture someone else for a bit k?

Alright, moving on. It does indeed feel apparent that this book was written after the original three as a sort of add on. Whatever the reasons may be, it seems that CC might have gotten some help with the intrigue. This book actually held some surprises for me Lilith?! Wow. And that whole business with Simon... I was also pleasantly surprised to see that they have finally begun training Clary. It seemed well overdue but I'm glad they finally are getting around to it. However, I felt it got a bit repetitive where the forbidden love aspect was concerned. An obvious drawback of writing more books after the fact. I still had some issues with the intrigue at times and some the explanations being redundant. Also, was anyone really surprised that Sebastian or Jonathan or whatever was going to show up?

I can't express how much I hope book 5 will say some aspects to rest; once and for all. *ahem* *cough* Jace & Clary *cough* Other than that bring it on. All I can say is if that one ends in a wicked cliffhanger and we have to wait a year, I may just set out to find CC myself and give her a piece of my mind. o_O

P.S - Is anyone else SUPER bummed that Alex Pettyfer turned down playing Jace Wayland in the upcoming film? Alex is definitely who I'm picturing when I think of Jace...everything about him is exactly how I pictured Jace in my mind; the look in his eyes, the hair, the lips...