The Titan's Curse

The Titan's Curse - Rick Riordan The Titan's Curse is the 3rd and middle book of the Percy Jackson series. It very much follows the formula established by it's predecessors even though the action is more intense, and you certainly get the feeling that author Rick Riordan is building towards his big finale. I feel like this book easily holds up to the two previous installments, but I found myself a bit underwhelmed by certain aspects, namely the formulaic feel of the beginning of the book, and Percy's serious and multiple blunders early on. On the other hand, the introduction of new characters; gods, heroes and mythical creatures alike combined with the evident build towards the true climax of the series kept me interested and made for an overall pleasant read.

The story starts off in the usual, almost repetitive form with Percy answering a distress call from Grover, but this time the differences are that it's mid-winter instead of the beginning of the school year, and Annabeth and Thalia join Percy from the get-go. Like I mentioned, I felt a bit frustrated with our hero at the start of the book. At this point in the story, I felt like he was making a lot of rash and quite frankly stupid judgement calls just to prove a point to Thalia. And speaking of Thalia, it still felt weird to have her back, I mean we hardly had time to get used to her at the end of book2...and now here she is! It was a bit strange at first but I quickly got used to her and grew to like her well enough. Early enough in the book they return to Camp Half-Blood and a quest is served up as it always is. And as usual there is a limited time frame to accomplish the quest.

Now don't get me wrong, plenty of things surprised me along the way, despite the fact that some didn't. I really enjoyed the addition of another demi-god fathered by the Big Three and I felt that Thalia was a welcome addition to the group. There is also a much bigger part of the story involving gods, both new ones and ones we've met before but we get new and interesting details on the lot of them. Arthemis and her Hunters were easily a highlight and a really gobbled up the scenes that they were in, along with any scenes with the gods of old and new for that matter. I loved how the gods fit together into the plot as a whole and it's always neat to see them in their updated or modernized personas. Riordan really does offer an interesting twist on a mythology that we're all familiar with in some form or another.

As always, the writing style is simple and to the point, and while a first person narrative from a 14 year old boy isn't very lyrical or groundbreaking, it does make for a quick and fun read. I mentioned above that,I felt like the plot was really moving towards the true crux of the story and I'm eager to see what will happen to Percy and his friends next.