The Awakening

The Awakening - Kelley Armstrong The Awakening is the 2nd book in 'The Darkest Powers' trilogy and I feel like I enjoyed it just as much as it's predecessor. There was a nice progression where the plot and characters were concerned, although I felt it a bit lacking in respects to the supernatural's powers. I would have wanted more training up, understanding and harnessing of their respective powers, but I get the feeling that may be coming up in the final book of the trilogy. In this book, we follow the adventures of Chloe and her friends as they escape the Edison Group and begin to fully understand why they are hunted. The story does start of pretty much right where book one left off, but it quickly moves past that after we learn these are not just supernaturals but genetically modified supernaturals! and into the adventures of the group as they learn to live life on the run.

There is certainly no shortage of adventure and surprises in store and as the story unfolds they encounter danger from all fronts, not just because of the Edison Group; but that still is a large part of it. There are unexpected twists; both where some characters are concerned Rae and aunt Lauren for one thing and then Tori is a whole other thing and where the plot is concerned. Chloe's powers during her dreams, and Tori's supernatural identity I really liked seeing Chloe's progression as the series goes on, she stays true to her essence but she evolves and does quite a bit of growing up in this could you not grow up living on the streets? As with the previous book, Simon remains just as easy to like and laid back; but with Derek you really get a sense of evolution. This adventure is changing him quite a bit as well and I loved seeing him come out of his shell more. I also really enjoyed how Chloe's and Derek's relationship is unfolding, though I sense incoming drama in book three, since there are also feelings where Simon and Chloe are concerned. Unfortunately, Tori's still around and while she was almost as abrasive as before she did have her moments. I thought it was a bit lame that the token b*tch in the story is the only witch, but I digress...

I easily read this book just as fast, if not faster than ''The Summoning'', the style is just as simple, yet delightful to read; I swear these books almost read themselves! Chloe's narrative voice is realistic and I thought it was cool how she works in her love of movies into her perceptions and experiences. ''You accidentally knocked out one woman and suddenly you're Rambo?'' Man did I ever crack up at that! I also found I either grew accustomed to the creepy-factor, or it was a bit toned down in this book; but it was still there that scene with the zombie bats was certainly freaky and that bit about the body in the warehouse? Yikes! And I find myself wondering what's up when Chloe sees those ghosts kinda looping like a replaying film strip...she thinks it's so horrible the act itself becomes imprinted in the area, but I can't help feeling there's something she might be able to help with; however belatedly it may be. All things considered, a thoroughly enjoyable read and a welcome addition to this trilogy. The ending was not quite as cruel of a cliffhanger as book 1 was, but I'm still going to start book 3 in a few minutes!