The Reckoning

The Reckoning - Kelley Armstrong The Reckoning is the third and final book in the ''Darkest Powers'' trilogy and it easily holds up to the two previous volumes. I enjoyed it every bit as much as the others, if anything even a bit more since I really felt the author Kelley Armstrong did such a great job bringing the story line to it's rightful conclusion; while leaving too many a few questions unanswered which left me hoping for further books in this trilogy eventually. It reads just as simply yet compellingly as the first two books, and I definitely read it just as fast as I did with the two. I mentioned in my review of The Summoning that I felt the story was reminiscent of The Sixth Sense, but YA; now having read all three books, with the added element of genetic modifications on this group of supernaturals; I'd say it's a mix of The Sixth Sense and X-Men for YA...but with magical elements thrown in.

Once again, the story picks up right where The Awakening left off, crystallizing my views that these are all just separate chapters, or acts of one basic story. Chloe, Simon, Derek and Tori have made it to a 'Supernatural safe house' and are effectively in hiding from the Edison Group. However, as Chloe very quickly finds out, this house has quite a few ghosts hidden secrets within it's walls. I was definitely more than spooked on quite a few occasions that creepy ghost Royce, and his insane father Dr Banks...I never thought even for a moment about possession and was definitely thrown through a loop on that one! not to mention that insane cemetery scene (WOW!!)

My low tolerance for scary scenes aside, I felt our protagonist and little necromancer Chloe really came into her own in this book. While only mere weeks have passed since the events of book 1, Chloe and the rest of the gang have been through enough to have changed drastically. I felt Kelley Armstrong did a great job of keeping the characters true to their original selves, while showing enough evolution and character growth. Chloe's comes to realize how truly insane and strong her powers actually are, but all the while her inner monologue remains witty, dry and endearing. She's still just as awkward and skittish as she was at the beginning of this adventure, but she's also toughened up and grew some balls. I absolutely loved the blossoming of hers and Derek's relationship and was beyond thankful when Simon clued in and was a man about it, and we were spared the awkward and predictable love-triangle with someone inevitably getting hurt. I think my absolute favorite part of the book was when Derek finally fully transformed into a wolf for the first time. I thought it was incredibly well done and believable. I loved how they bonded during that scene and seemed to almost understand each other all the better for it. Derek's character really became more complex and relatable and I found I liked him even more this time around. I liked Simon just as much as before, and though his changes weren't as pronounced, he certainly maned-up when he needed to and I loved that about him. Even Tori *gasp* began to grow on me though she could still be annoying from time to time, those instances were certainly fewer and further between.

All things considered, I remember thinking on more than one instance, when the story seemed to surprise me, how remarkably cliché-free I thought the series was. Most of the common pitfalls of YA fiction were avoided or if they were present; they were done in a fresh and fun way. And fun is the key word here; this was such a fun, fun read! All three books in this trilogy are easily read in a few days each, the plot is steady and absorbing but kept light and amusing. I also thought the suspense and creepiness was in full swing again in this final offering, after taking a tiny breather in book 2. Some of the loose ends left off are a bit annoying for me, since I'd like everything wrapped up nicely and accounted for, but I hope this means more books with Chloe, Derek and the rest of the gang in the near future. Recommended for any fan of YA readers not turned off by the paranormal elements. To be honest, I find it's mostly like magic, with one sorcerer, one witch, one werewolf and one necromancer but I digress. A fun read all around! 4 stars!