Indigo Awakening

Indigo Awakening  - Jordan Dane Indigo Awakening had a lot of potential and pretty cool powers mixed in with some clichés and eye-rolling moments. I was especially a fan of the premise and the unique take on/variety of supernatural powers which really sets this story apart. I didn't care for the double insta-love (yep, featuring not one but two almost simultaneous bouts of insta-love!) though, nor did I always appreciate the narrative style. The plot itself made me curious enough to hold my interest, due in no small part to simply wanting to learn more about The Indigos and their powers.

Indigo Awakening is a book I was instantly attracted to. The idea of kids with special gifts and powers being hunted down by a fanatic church group sounded like just the kind of story I could really get into. Also, I'm familiar with the actual real world concept of Indigo & Crystal Children. I work in the Natural Health/Holistic field so it's not rare to come across talk of aura's & energies. Indigo Children are thought to be more sensitive & intuitive so I was instantly curious reading the blurb, when I realized the author had taken the idea of Indigo & Crystals one step further and given them actual supernatural powers. Because of these powers though ''The Believers'' a fanatic church group hunts them down to do horrible experiences to them with no regard to their well-being or even their lives.

The supernatural powers were easily the highlight of this story for me because they were not only fresh, but each Indigo had individualized powers or abilities. I was especially a fan of how each character dealt with and developed his or her powers...and how they still all linked up as a whole - like Indigos shared a collective consciousness that joined them all together & allowed them to sense each other. The powers ranged from easily communicating with one another, psychic abilities, mind-reading, linking to spirits of the dead, control over animals & emotions...even prophetic dreams & visions! It's easy to imagine that if kids like this would exist, they would scare the crap out of a lot of people. But with Indigos, there's a big part of their powers that lays in empathy for others & fair treatment for all so it's hard not to side with them against religious fanatics.

The narration jumps around a lot to different POV's. It starts with alternating between Lucas & his sister Rayne as Lucas escapes from the clutches of The Believers. As Lucas tries to hide & stay safe, Rayne searches for him. At around the same time, Lucas meets up with Kendra & Rayne meets Gabe. Then wham! You get hit to tow simultaneous insta-love connections. And I mean full-on immediate infatuation for everyone. Sometimes, I can deal with the whole ''our eyes met for the first time & that was it'' thing - but this double whammy had me rolling my eyes. Even still, it wasn't so horrible as to turn me off of the story completely, so I tried to just accept it and move on. *shakes head & moves on*.

From that point on we also get Lucas & Kendra's POV's. Now while the story was interesting in both groups, I was definitely more into the relationship between Rayne & Gabe. Gabe was more of a mystery but at the same time, his character was the most fleshed out - the more real. I looked forward to scenes wit him in them so I could learn more about him...about the secrets he kept. Though I liked Lucas & even Kendra well enough, I felt that that end of the story could have been fleshed out more. I didn't feel as much of a connection to them. Similarly, their relationship just didn't reel me in as much.

On occasion, we'd also get random narrative switches to The Believers' side of things. Multiple POV's can be hit-or-miss for me. If it's done well, it can enhance the scope of the story & add depth. In Indigo Awakening, it had a tendency to be jarring & even confusing at times. I don't know if maybe the way it was formatted as a Galley for my e-reader maybe compounded the effect...but I was often left wondering who's POV I was reading during those quick switches.

Despite it's setbacks, Indigo Awakening was still overall worth the read for me. My frustration over certain aspects never outweighed my curiosity to know how it was going to end. The ending not-so-subtly hints at another installment so I'm hoping the story will only evolve from here!

**An advanced copy of this book was provided to my via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review. A big thanks to Harlequin & author Jordan Dane**

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