Incendio - Stephanie Constante Incendio is the follow up to Baptism of Fire and currently the last installment in the Draconi Series. I thought it was a perfectly fitting & satisfying conclusion to the series which I hope more people will continue to read & discover. It is notably darker than it's predecessor but I still found it just as fun & easy to read this time around. And while I'm completely pleased with the ending as it is I certainly hope this isn't the last story I'll be reading from Miss Stephanie Constante!

Incendio begins almost immediately after the events of Baptism of Fire with Leito having chosen to undergo a 'transformation' in order to save Aiden the boy she loves...who not only happens to be a Dragon but has also been imprisoned by his own kin for loving a human. Before Leito can come up with a plan to save her true love, she will have to come to grips with the changes going on inside her head...not to mention the changes to her physical being.

I read this book in it's entirety in two sittings. I just couldn't put it down! The pacing was a bit slow in the beginning as Leito adapted to her 'new' self (as it should have been) but it quickly picked up and from there it was one hell of a ride! As a protagonist, Leito is strong and fierce without being too impulsive - she's not one of the heroines who makes stupid eye-rolling decisions. Leito is brave but she's also smart about it, I LOVE that in female heroines! It's hard not to connect with someone so level-headed & brave. I wish more female heroines were like her! To top it all off, she has a strong sense of what is right & wrong and she is not afraid to make herself heard, even when it puts her in harms way. She is a believable heroine in unbelievable makes me really wish I could meet her in real life. Firstly to hug her and then to have a nice long chat...about a many number of things, including Aiden.

Aiden presence in Incendio isn't as pronounced as it was in Baptism of Fire (understandably) but he is never forgotten. It certainly didn't cause my feelings for him to lessen in any way. Aiden is not only dead sexy but he's stormy & strong. He's the kind of guy that's worth the trouble of every single thing Leito has done for him. It's amazing to me how his presence remained even when he wasn't in certain parts of the story. But I did find myself wondering more than once what he was thinking during those scenes where we didn't see him as much...I wonder if Stephanie would consider writing his side of the story. I'd definitely be all over reading this whole adventure again, from his perspective <3 *hint hint*<br/>
As for the other Dragons & the dragon-city of Incendio, well it certainly did not disappoint. As terrible & nerve-wrecking as the whole thing was, I really appreciated getting such intimate glimpses into their world...especially when put in contrast to Malibera where dragons co-habitat much more peacefully. The way Leito was able to experience both ways of life and how each one left it's unique imprint on her was both exciting & satisfying. As completely satisfied as I am with the ending, I am still sad that it is the end. 4 stars!

**A BIG thank you to Stephanie for the copy of Incendio*

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