Pure - Jennifer L. Armentrout Pure is the second (well 3rd if you count the prequel novella Daimon - and I do!) book in the Covenant Series and let me tell you it took ALL my willpower not to keep reading straight through this series when I finished Half-Blood. This is one of those series you could easily plow through in like - a week. See, but then you'd be all depressed because you've finished them all!! So, I showed incredible (and rare!) restraint & I read a bunch of other books before moving on to Pure. And, now that it's over it is once again taking ALL my efforts not to jump into book 3 - Deity. Like I mentioned, it's THAT kind of series.

So Pure picks up right where Half-Blood left off: Alex is back at school training to become a sentinel. On top of her extra training & classes, she is still training one on one both with Aiden & Seth. She is also trying he best to come to grips with the horrors she survived at the end of Half-Blood. Saying her plate is a bit full in an understatement. And then things get a whole lot worse when Daimons begin to attack the Covenants & their students. And then the Furies show up - and you can bet that means more trouble. You can also bet that as usual Alex finds herself smack-dab in the middle of it all. Before the end though she will begin to understand that she is in more danger than she even imagined.

As far as a second book in a series goes - I have very few complaints. Usually second books tend to be on the 'meh' side for me (if you follow the blog I've discussed this repeatedly) but I am happy to say that it wasn't the case with Pure. Firstly we get to know all the important characters so much better. This book really gives you that up-close and personal feel, adding depth and layers to already well fleshed-out characters. At the beginning I felt that Alex hadn't really grown as much as I would have liked, but as the plot advances she shows more maturity & restraint than she would have in the past. She can still be over-emotional and impulsive though but it makes her all the more human...and relatable. Aiden becomes more complex - albeit occasionally more frustrating. But honestly everything he did made me end up loving him more! We also get to know Seth a lot better too & even though I still have suspicions about him, I really loved his increased presence. It probably helps that when I picture Seth, I see actor Cam Gigandet like he looked in the first Twilight movie.

*swoon* - Moving on...as you may have guessed there is a love-triangle element going on in Pure. Now I am rarely a fan of love-triangles...but let me tell you, I honestly don't really mind this one! Not only is there a valid reason why an connection exists between Alex and these two boys BUT both boys unique and well-defined enough that you could see falling for either! Miss Jennifer L. Armentrout certainly has a knack for creating some seriously amazing males. If you're not usually into love-triangles, I urge you not to let that influence your decision to get into this series! (and if you ARE a fan of love-triangles, all I can say is: go, go go!) Beyond that though, one of my favorite aspects of this series is the training bits and since Alex is being trained by both these guys you get to see them as more than just love interests... they become teachers, guides who often reveal more of themselves in these kinds of scenarios. So does Alex though :)

More than all that though, this sequel was stacked with action, suspense & enough twists to give me whiplash! I was on the edge of my seat from the first 10 pages on and truthfully, I pretty much inhaled this book in a couple of sittings. The fight scenes are exhilarating & the plot was solid throughout, not a dull moment to be found! Some questions get answered but more new ones take their place. The ending is pretty killer though so I definitely suggest having Deity handy...we'll see how long I can actually hold off before I gobble that one up too! All things considered Pure was a thrilling & worthwhile addition to the Covenant Series.

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