Third Grave Dead Ahead

Third Grave Dead Ahead  - Darynda Jones Third Grave Dead Ahead is (obviously) the third book in the Charley Davidson Series and yet again it delivers all the things I've come to expect from the series: laughs, thrills and hotness.

There's always a mystery in these books - a case our favorite private investigator Charley takes on at the start of each book. This time she's helping a Doctor locate his missing wife. The mystery plotline eventually gets blended in with some paranormal goodness in the form of ghosts..and sometimes demons. Of course we can't forget Reyes, the son of Satan himself who's always along for the ride *ahem*. He' hot as all hell and twice as much trouble - but it's nothing our girl Charley can't handle. Third Grave Dead Ahead also hints at a building, darker threat, something far beyond anything Charley would have ever faced before. The further I get into the series, the more eager I am as to discover how things will evolve from here.

As usual, Darynda Jones shines in the way she combines suspense, humor and sexyness together in such a fun way. Third Grave delivered even more laugh out loud moments than I was expecting. It tends to take quite a bit to get me to burst out laughing when reading. The easy banter between the characters is just so quick and witty, everything flows with ease like actual real people were joking around being snarky and sarcastic. Charley has a way to make you laugh even when she's in the most dire situations. Her inner monologue is absolutely priceless and even that pales in comparison to the back and forth between her and her bff/receptionist Cookie. Side note: I think Charley & Cookie deserve the award for best friendship ever in life ♥

And of course, no Charley Davidson review would be complete without mentioning Reyes. Delicious, dangerous and oh-so-sexy bad boy - the son of Satan himself certainly grabs your attention with every single scene he's in. Things were more complicated for him this time around but Miss Darynda Jones still managed to make time for some sexy encounters. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank her from the bottom of my heart. Yum!

A fitting follow up to it's two predecessors, Third Grave Dead Ahead is probably my favorite installment in the series so far. It was smart, intense and hot. The allusions to whatever trouble is coming only makes me more desperate to binge read the rest of this series...but I worry I might spontaneously combust. Ha! Fans of Charley Davidson will love her even more in this one and I highly recommend the series to adult urban-fantasy readers!

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