Heir of Fire

Heir of Fire - Sarah J. Maas *An ARC was provided by Bloomsbury in exchange for an honest review*

Heir of Fire is the insanely-anticipated next installment in the Throne of Glass Series and the follow-up to the explosive Crown of Midnight. We all knew that CoM was a game-changer (that ending!! like, woah!) SO, fans of the series should go in expecting a somewhat different plot-line than the previous two. Our beloved protagonist, Celaena - seriously guys, I can't even write her name without getting all the feels - is off to the faraway land of Wendlyn. Naturally, this puts some distance between her and the rest of the main characters. Like Chaol. And Dorian. Never fear though, the goddess that is Sarah J. Maas has you covered because we also get to follow what's happening in Adarlan... through the eyes of a heartbroken Chaol, and a confused Dorian.

I'm just going to pause here and let that sink in for the romance-fans of the series. Read: everyone. *sniff*

But seriously, as much as I longed for my favorite couple's reunion (C&C for ever!), Heir of Fire is, at it's core, a journey of discovery for Celaena. In Wendlyn, Celaena faces new obstacles, delves deeper into her past, her powers and her powers. She also meets new characters, all of which are freaking brilliant by the way *cough* ROWAN *ahem* but the focus remains on our protagonist: her past, her secret and her destiny. It's here that SJM brilliantly weaves in mythology, magic and Celaena's transformation and everything.was.perfection. I teared up multiple times throughout this entire book, as Celaena struggled with who she was and who she is, as she mourned her lost friend (not to mention dealing with her actions following that loss), as she ached for Chaol, and as she faced the past she has been trying to long to escape; and the powers she's trying so desperately to hide. All of this was all so freaking powerful! For all you Celaena fans out there: if you thought you couldn't love her more, you're in for a surprise! Wow.

Like I mentioned above, the story alternates from Celaena's point of view, to Chaol and Dorian... not to mention a select few new characters: Manon, Aedion and Rowan. I don't want reveal anything about the plot but I will say this: I adored every.single.character perspective we got, from beloved returning characters to new fiery ones alike. Not one of the new characters turn out to be exactly as they seem to be at the start. I admit that my favorite new character is probably Rowan, because of reasons, but Manon is certainly not to be ignored. She was fierce and honestly scary but also wickedly amazing! Aedion is another memorable one too, he's like a male version of Celaena - so what's not to like ;)

The layers that are revealed to us as the characters and the story takes shape is nothing short of spectacular and masterfully executed by Maas here. As the scope of the story broadens with every new installment to her series, she continues to blow me away with not just the character development but with her world-building skills. Speaking of which: the magical system expands here beyond anything I could have imagined. While there's always been a fantasy element to the Throne of Glass books, it was more or less in the background - especially in The Assassin's Blade, Throne of Glass and to a lesser extent in Crown of Midnight. With Heir of Fire though...we get to really dig into these aspects of the world And let me tell you: I was riveted and I'm already craving more.

Since Heir of Fire is about double the size of it's predecessors, there ample time for setting the tone at the beginning here; going over the after-effects of the game changing ending from CoM, and introducing us to the new reality at hand. The pacing is another aspect of the story to gush over: as the story begins to fully take shape and the layers reveal themselves, it gets all the more exciting because you the pieces are clearly falling into place, not just for the plot of HoF, but for the story-arc of the entire series as a whole. There is some subtle but serious foreshadowing going on here and the whole experience makes me wish the entire series was already out so that I could know ALL THE THINGS. Which in turn made THAT ENDING (!!!) even more torturous! Gah! Man. This book guys! I can't even with this book. I want to gush and squee and cry and hug it out with ALL my fellow Throne of Glass fans and Celaena lovers of the world!

Sarah J. Maas delivers a masterful addition to her series with Heir of Fire that is equal parts heart-wrenching, addictive, intense and emotional. It's pretty much guaranteed to blow your freaking mind! If you've made it through my intense fan-girling and praise up to this point and are still reading, I have one final thing to say: READ.THIS.BOOK. And then come on over here again so we can cry, rave and have a loooong gush-fest about ALL of the AWESOME.

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