Mitosis - Brandon Sanderson Mitosis in a novella within Sanderson's Reckoners Series that is meant to bridge the gap between book 1, Steelheart and the upcoming sequel, Firefight due to be released early next year. I actually just featured Firefight as my WoW pick a few weeks ago and it got me in the mood to return to the world of The Reckoners so it seemed like the perfect time to get into Mitosis.

The story wastes no time getting started with Mitosis, which is perfect when dealing with a novella! Fresh off of the events of Steelheart, David and his crew of Reckoners are dealing with the new reality of Newcago: a city freed from the evil tyrant Epic, Steelheart himself. David seems to feel like people should be out celebrating and getting back to their normal lives now, but people are largely still living in fear. Fear that another Epic will take Steelheart's place and the chaos will start up all over again. But while David and his crew are trying to restore a sense of normality to Newcago, another Epic strolls in...hell bent on causing his share of chaos.

It was kind of amazing to me how Sanderson managed to get me right back in the groove of the Reckoners world without even trying. I read Steelheart last year but from the first few pages of Mitosis, I was right back in the swing of things! I thought it was really cool to see how things had changed in Newcago since Steelheart and how the character's lives have been impacted by their heightened status. See, the Reckoners used to operate under a veil of secrecy, but when you tangle with an Epic, you kind of gain some notoriety.

There was also some heavy foreshadowing of what I can only assume will be important themes with the upcoming sequels. All Epics are said to have a weakness, but David seems to have figured out some kind of clue or pattern to how each Epic ends up with any given weakness. It seemed random in the first book but now there might be some sort of logic to it, which could be helpful in taking down other Epics. It was a tantalizing detail and I can't wait to see it all fleshed out!

Bottom line: if you enjoyed Steelheart and can't wait for Firefight, I definitely recommend checking out Mitosis. It's the perfect way to return to the world of the Reckoners for a quick spell, either right after reading the first book, or in preparation for the sequel!

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