Blue Lily, Lily Blue

Blue Lily, Lily Blue - Maggie Stiefvater Blue Lily Lily Blue is clearly a book I should have read the moment it came out.You guys knew it, hell, even I knew it but sometimes, I can't help myself from resisting a deeply-anticipated book. Why? Well to postpone it's inevitable end, of course! I knew my feels would take a beating with this one and that afterwards I,d have to suffer waiting for the next book. So, I held off...until I couldn't wait any longer. The book was calling to me and I answered it's call. I read through it in a few short sittings with my heart in my throat the entire time. And now it's over. And I want to cry/find a TARDIS and make it September already!

Blue Lily, Lily Blue might just be the most gorgeously written book of the series so far - which is saying an awful lot because this series is one of the most stunningly written series I've ever come across. But this installment man...this one was almost poetic. It was like reading a work of art. The pacing was perfectly done, and every.single.moment. was given the time and attention it deserved. And when it comes to The Raven Cycle, that applies to ALL of the moments. I was able to seamlessly slip back into this world as though I had never left it and bask in it's glorious, dream-like quality for the duration. These books have always been more about the journey than the destination but at the same time, there's always that constant sense that you are building towards something veeerrry important. The pieces of the plot are being expertly positioned towards the inevitable end *sniff* excuse me while I cry into my pillow. *sobs* (I NEVER want this to end!!)

So, Blue Lily, Lily Blue might have our beloved Blue's name right there in the title, but as always, this book gives attention to all of it's beloved characters. Admitedelly, Blue is a little bit more front and center than she was the last time around, if only because she finally gets to know herself a little bit better in this book. While becoming more all the more mysterious for it. And the same can be said for Gansey, Adam, Ronan and Noah. We may have felt like we were pretty familiar with the crew at this point, but the diabolical temptress that is author Maggie Stiefvater showed us that she still had a few surprises up her sleeve. Even the characters themselves, who have been the best of friends for ever, came to the collective realisations that they might not know each other as well as they had once thought. Adam seems to have come the furthest out of the group at first glance, for obvious reasons *cough* Cabeswater *cough*, but Ronan, ever the enigma, has still more secrets that he's keeping for himself. And then there's Gansey, who reveals hidden insecurities beneath his cool and kingly exterior. Even Noah managed to surprise me - and creep me the hell out in the process. o.O

With the series drawing ever closer to it's inevitable conclusion, Blue Lily, Lily Blue sets the tone for the upcoming ending wonderfully. I feel more in love with the boys and Blue than I ever did before - and believe me, I was already head-over-heels going in. The mystery-factor is at an all-time high, the magic woven through these pages is so much more at the forefront than it's ever been, so I'm bracing myself for one EPIC finale. This series has earned a spot on my all-time favorites shelf since the very first book, but my love for these books just keeps growing with every new installment! I'm equal parts dying to read The Raven King and terrified to see it end. No doubt our feels will be shattered beyond repair. *gets in line and waits for the soul-crushing to begin*

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